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Accounts Restructuring and Outsourcing

Manage and view your updated books and financial condition from computers, tablets or smartphones, anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Accounting Service

MX's virtual accounting services will take the tedious process of bookkeeping and accounting work from the business, and serve as a value-added partner in the financial well-being of your business at competitive costs so that you can

  • focus most of its time on the core business area

  • maintain a systematic and standardized accounting and finance

  • ensure overall financial well-being of your business​​

We will make sure all transactions are accounted for correctly, recorded in conformance with Myanmar Financial Reporting Standards, and that you receive a timely financial report with business insights.

We use QuickBook Accounting software, one of the best accounting software trusted by businesses around the world.

Owners and businesses can now manage and view their updated books, financial condition from computers, tablets, or smartphones: anytime and anywhere.

See our different Virtual Accounting packages to best fit your business needs. 

Account Wellness Check and Restructuring

Like a person who needs a periodic medical check-up, our businesses require a regular wellness check-up to ensure accounting and finance systems are working well.

We use three step approach to ensure your accounting and finance system is working well

  • Review your current financial system using proprietary checklist, and work together with your teams to understand your business inside-out

  • Provide executive summary on key findings and areas to improve and strengthen your business financials and controls

  • Assist with setting up financial policies and implementation of various internal controls using industry best practices

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