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Internal Control and Assurance

Internal Control

Internal controls are the first in three-line defense model of risk management and governance. It is critical that process owners and managers use internal controls effectively to prevent fraud, errors, violations and risks that could harm businesses. At every stage of business, sound controls let the owners sleep well.

At MX, we can set up and implement the practical and important internal controls.

 Finance SOPs and Manuals

SOPs and manuals are living documents that are essential for the business owners, managers and staff who are operating the business processes. The manuals provide consistency and control in implementation of the project and can be great checkpoints for internal and external audits, risk management and corporate governance.

Accounting Policies and Procedures

Strong accounting policies and procedures are some of the fundamental foundations of the business internal controls. They provide consistency, standard and guidance for the entire company to follow and produce business insights, productivity, and conformance. As businesses grow, they become crucial part of company operations.

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