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Strategic Planning

We sit down with the entrepreneur to thoroughly understand his or her vision, passion, and abilities to prepare the ambitious yet realistic business plan. We leverage on the financial and business model expertise to create insightful, logical and passion-driven business plans

Business Plan Assistance

Matrix business plan assistance is an essential service for business owners raising money, preparing strategies and plans, or forecasting and budgeting for their future expansion plans.

We also prepare and structure a professional pitch deck and key points for effective and persuasive investor pitching.

  • Cash flow and Resource Requirements

  • Planning and Contingency Preparedness

  • Financial Projections Linking Strategic Planning

  • KPIs and Milestones for the Strategic Plans

  • Powerful and Persuasive Investor Pitching

Financial Projection and Budgeting

A well-thought and structured projection of your finance int the next five years show focus, sincerity, and understanding of business.

A financial projection will also serve as a road-map and KPIs for the business to operate with big picture in mind.

At MX, we work together with owners and managers to create budget templates, financial projections,  by carefully analyzing all business and financial drivers.

Bank Loan Application

Bank loan application can be a frustrating and time consuming process for some owners, since they do not understand what banks are looking from the business.

From document preparation to meeting with the bank, we are with you along the way. We prepare financial statements and documents, plan liquidity and payment schedules, and prepare for bank interviews. We increase the chance of getting loans by increasing financial literacy of owners.

There is a range of services that Matrix can offer, so contact us to get complimentary initial assessment of your application.

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