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Business Valuation and Due Diligence

Build value from Day-1 and think like an INVESTOR

2. Accounts Wellness Check and Restructuring

Business Valuation

It is important to know your business worth beyond tangible assets. Building value since Day-1 means you actively grow your business where it counts, and focus on where value will impact most.

Our business valuation services can spot-light the company's worth forr current and potential investors. With a valuation project, you will gain many benefits for raising capital and building  business value further.

  • Gain better understanding of your company's valued assets

  • Process the negotiation power during M&As, JVs and partnerships

  • Develop key business value drivers and metrics for building further business value

  • Estimate a range of business values of your business

  • Provide trust to your investors

Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence is a good health-check exercise if planned and executed properly. It provides assurance on the party that is being investigated, determining and evaluating the real conditions of assets, liabilities, risks and accounts consistency.

When considering JVs and M&As, it is important to undertake a detailed business and financial due diligence to ensure everything checks out.

Careful due diligence can provide insights into sustainable earnings, trends, cash flow needs, key assumptions, and potential improvements in the business performance. 

We provide business due diligence and assessment services with focus on the following

  1. Operational and Financial Analysis

  2. Business Performance Indicators

  3. Product Line Trend and Profitability

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